Meska bemutatkozás

Meska bemutatkozás

Meska : Tell us a little about yourself !
My name is Stigmon Judit. My birth sign is Leo . I am currently at home, with my child. I' live with My husband, and with my doughter in an ideal environment. All artists would love live in a place like this. 

 I always liked to draw and paint " to craft ", I was lucky to learn different technikes at my grade scool . The beading was among them , but in fact at the age of 17, I started to bead occasion , but then dropped out of my life for a long time the creative works .Education was considering my infant and child nurse , I worked for a short time even this profession , but I've always felt that the creation, making beautiful things more important in my mind of me. I studied interior design , I have worked in the profession for several years , mostly in furniture stores as a seller , sometimes designer as well. In addition, so directed by the fate, when I began to re- draw and paint again, and tried many kinds of creative activities . Finally, the jewelery was most strong , including beading and wiring . At first I started Chinese beads, and then came the polished beads and Swarovski pearls almost simultaneously and mineral beads. I was attractede esoteric , so working with the crystals can take me closer.
I make Wire Jewelry and beading jewels. Some jewel in the in the window makes my imagination fly further, this imagination lives in the shapes of " beads and wire jewelry ."Another times my idea borns in my head, and I draw them.. I make custom jewelry , some piece of work needs more time, I striving for a perfect harmony . I believe in the sphere of influence of minerals , therefore I wouldn't put tugether two mismatched material . If somebody asking me to make my jewel in a different color, then the previous model, I can do, but I confess I prefer working free- and . That is why a jewel is unique . My Meska shop sometimes contains pices which are not my ideal , but I am not ashamed to indicate if there are other ideas implemented , nor even if something I designed and made ​​. My biggest pleasure if I can make my own ideal. Most of my ideals came out differrent size, form, form, than I first planted. But it's the best thing about it , and this is my lesson is not to insist on a cramped shapes, colors , etc ...
In 2009, a friend of mine also recommended Meska page. I quickly took the plunge back to the register and waited anxiously , wondering comply with the requirements. Since then, some jewelry , made (I hope ) a happy owner . I also bought from others.
Currently, I can not say, that I create since I have another "work", raise my little dougther,  who takes up all my time . In addition, a new way of life we chose when we moved to the countryside , with fruit trees, vines associated with . I've learned (still learning about ) jam , preserves made ​​. Bake bread . In the garden, around the house and there is always something to do , from spring to autumn . In addition, I like to read , the music is important in our lives. I love the movies , a wide variety of genres.

In 10 years I hope I will find and do my destiny live in harmony with nature . What began nearly 10 years ago , yet I do not feel it formed yet, but I feel it wasn't accident when I started to work with minerals even if its not yet emphatic. 
Meska : pay attention to what you think is the one who wants to be a successful seller Mesko ?
Wow , that's a difficult question , I'm not a good businessman. The reliability and quality , good communication , appropriate and rapid response , all of my requirements . The originality and positive aura can somehow through the monitor.

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