Tulipán medálos nyaklánc

Sok sok irka-firka teng-leng az asztal körül, fiókban, füzetben. Ez egy ilyen firkából született medál. Nem a téma körvonalazódott, hanem végül a forma adta az elnevezést, hiszen a Matyó tulipánra emlékeztet, de ennek külön örülök, mivel a tulipán, különösen a Matyó motívum, a magyaros motívumok rajongója vagyok, remélem nem egyedül.
Many drawings around my table. This pendant was born from one of its drawings. First the form was made, after decided the name, Tulip, becouse the pendant looks like a Matyó tulip and I'm really glad, because I'm a fan of  Matyó pattern, and the Hungarian motifs'.

A hordozója memória drót, amit réz dróttal vontam be, és olivin jade gyöngyökkel díszítettem.
A medál alsó "szirmaiban" is olivin jade van (apró 2mm golyók)
A két nagyobb és sötétebb színű ásvány gyöngy pedig 4 és 6mm-es Aventurin gyöngy.
The pendant is on a  memory wire, covered with copper wire which is decorated with olivine jade beads.
The bottom pendant "petals" are also olivine jade (tiny 2mm )
The two larger and darker-colored mineral pearls 4 and 6mm Aventurine beads.

és íme az egyik firka
and here is one sketch

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Meska bemutatkozás

Meska bemutatkozás

Meska : Tell us a little about yourself !
My name is Stigmon Judit. My birth sign is Leo . I am currently at home, with my child. I' live with My husband, and with my doughter in an ideal environment. All artists would love live in a place like this. 

 I always liked to draw and paint " to craft ", I was lucky to learn different technikes at my grade scool . The beading was among them , but in fact at the age of 17, I started to bead occasion , but then dropped out of my life for a long time the creative works .Education was considering my infant and child nurse , I worked for a short time even this profession , but I've always felt that the creation, making beautiful things more important in my mind of me. I studied interior design , I have worked in the profession for several years , mostly in furniture stores as a seller , sometimes designer as well. In addition, so directed by the fate, when I began to re- draw and paint again, and tried many kinds of creative activities . Finally, the jewelery was most strong , including beading and wiring . At first I started Chinese beads, and then came the polished beads and Swarovski pearls almost simultaneously and mineral beads. I was attractede esoteric , so working with the crystals can take me closer.
I make Wire Jewelry and beading jewels. Some jewel in the in the window makes my imagination fly further, this imagination lives in the shapes of " beads and wire jewelry ."Another times my idea borns in my head, and I draw them.. I make custom jewelry , some piece of work needs more time, I striving for a perfect harmony . I believe in the sphere of influence of minerals , therefore I wouldn't put tugether two mismatched material . If somebody asking me to make my jewel in a different color, then the previous model, I can do, but I confess I prefer working free- and . That is why a jewel is unique . My Meska shop sometimes contains pices which are not my ideal , but I am not ashamed to indicate if there are other ideas implemented , nor even if something I designed and made ​​. My biggest pleasure if I can make my own ideal. Most of my ideals came out differrent size, form, form, than I first planted. But it's the best thing about it , and this is my lesson is not to insist on a cramped shapes, colors , etc ...
In 2009, a friend of mine also recommended Meska page. I quickly took the plunge back to the register and waited anxiously , wondering comply with the requirements. Since then, some jewelry , made (I hope ) a happy owner . I also bought from others.
Currently, I can not say, that I create since I have another "work", raise my little dougther,  who takes up all my time . In addition, a new way of life we chose when we moved to the countryside , with fruit trees, vines associated with . I've learned (still learning about ) jam , preserves made ​​. Bake bread . In the garden, around the house and there is always something to do , from spring to autumn . In addition, I like to read , the music is important in our lives. I love the movies , a wide variety of genres.

In 10 years I hope I will find and do my destiny live in harmony with nature . What began nearly 10 years ago , yet I do not feel it formed yet, but I feel it wasn't accident when I started to work with minerals even if its not yet emphatic. 
Meska : pay attention to what you think is the one who wants to be a successful seller Mesko ?
Wow , that's a difficult question , I'm not a good businessman. The reliability and quality , good communication , appropriate and rapid response , all of my requirements . The originality and positive aura can somehow through the monitor.